Relaxed, Genuine & Creative Wedding Photography

My approach to wedding photography is all about keeping things friendly, relaxed and unobtrusive. I’ll tell the story of your day through documentary-style candid photos of real moments and natural, informal portraits of the two of you together. I’m there to help make your wedding photos as relaxed and enjoyable as I can, to go with the flow and capture the day as it happens.


"We don't really enjoy posing for photos."

You’re definitely not alone, just about every couple who’ve ever booked me said this to me when we first met. The good news is that I’ll spend most of my time in documentary mode, quietly capturing things as they happen and you’ll probably forget I’m even there. When we do take a wee bit of time out for your couples portraits I promise they will be super relaxed. We’ll just go for a little walk, it’s really a chance for the two of you to hang out and have a few quiet moments together.



I like to keep this part simple. You’ll receive all the good images I can give you, fully edited and supplied as high-res digital files. The freedom to make your own prints, photobooks and albums and share your images wherever you like. Plus an easy to use, password-protected online gallery for you to share with friends and family. Prices include travel within mainland Scotland.


Wedding Day Coverage from
Preparations to Pre-Dinner Speeches

Password-Protected Online Gallery

Digital Download


Full Wedding Day Coverage from
Preparations to Dancing

Password-Protected Online Gallery

Digital Download


Pre-Wedding Shoot + £150

Second Shooter + £250

Albums from £400

Money isn’t everything…

I didn’t get into wedding photography just for the paycheck. If you love my images and have something really special planned on a smaller budget then please get in touch. Often the smaller, more relaxed or unconventional weddings & elopements are my favourites, and I’d hate for a little thing like money to get in the way of a really great experience. Tell me all about your day here, and you never know, we might be able to work something out.

If you’re getting married on a weekday (Mon-Fri) at Marischal College or the Townhouse in Aberdeen City Centre I’d absolutely love to hear from you.


We don’t really love having our photo taken, is that a problem?
Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone! Most of the couples who book me aren’t really big on posing for the camera, in fact they way I shoot weddings there’s not really any ‘posing’ involved. Part of why I offer the pre-wedding shoot is to give you both a chance to get used to the camera without any pressure and see that actually there’s nothing to worry about. My portrait style is super relaxed and casual, and you’ll soon forget the camera is even there.

We love your candid photos, but we’d like some posed groups too, can you do that?
Of course! I’d recommend keeping this down to around 6-8 different combinations just so you can get back to enjoying your day as quickly as possible.

How many photographs will we receive?
All the good ones! I don’t set a limit on the number of pictures, and I typically deliver 400+ images for full day coverage, sometimes a little more, and if you have a second shooter booked, expect a LOT more!

Where are you based, and where can you cover?
I’m based in the centre of Aberdeen, Scotland. I’ll happily cover anywhere in Scotland, and I love an excuse to travel, so if you’re getting married further afield drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

How long will you be there with us on the day?
From the bridal preparations through to the first few dances. I want to tell the whole story of your day, from start to finish.

So, should we get a second shooter?
Depends! I’m always happy to shoot a wedding solo, it’s how I normally work. If you have a bigger wedding (100+ guests) I’ll recommend booking a second shooter. There’s plenty of advantages; being able to cover all of the preparations, two angles for the ceremony and lots of extra candids of your guests throughout the day.

We’d like to book you, how can we secure the date?
Awesome! Usually it’s nice to meet up first before you make such a big decision, but maybe that’s not possible or you’re just super keen to get me in the diary. I need a £650 non-refundable booking fee to secure the date for you.

How soon after the wedding will we get to see the final gallery?
I’ll have the images ready for you within 6-8 weeks.

Can we make our own prints from the digital files?
Totally! You’ll get my full permission to print and use the photos for personal use.

What about getting photos to our friends & families?
You’ll get a secure online gallery which you can share with friends and family. They’ll be able to order their own prints from there too, so they won’t have to ask you to do it for them.

Have you been photographing weddings for long?
I shot my first wedding way back in 2009 and with the exception of 2015 I’ve been photographing weddings every year since then.

What happened in 2015?
I had a photography job working offshore and I wasn’t able to take on any wedding bookings, so I spent the year shooting portraits of models & friends with vintage film cameras. I really missed weddings so in 2016 I quit offshore work and started taking wedding bookings again.

Didn’t you take my photo in a nightclub a while back?
Possibly! I worked as nightclub photographer in Aberdeen for 4 years. It was good fun, and a great education in patiently photographing drunk people in very challenging conditions. In other words, the perfect warm up for wedding photography!


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