If you’re looking for a quirky and unique real-life Scottish wedding then you’re in the right place! Andrew & Becky’s day was never going to be run-of-the mill, and with the unapologetically un-traditional Fingask Castle as their venue it was a match made in heaven.

Here’s the headlines: three ceremonies, three dresses, three best men, three owls, two bands and one awesome venue. Then throw in some gorgeous hand-made booze bottle & wildflower details, an Easter-themed tuck shop, traditional Chinese elements and smoke bombs for good measure. I have no idea how Andrew & Becky pulled it off, but it all worked out perfectly.

In their own words…

“When we first got engaged and were planning the wedding one of the most important things for us was to have as many of our friends and family there as possible. As we have friends in family in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and Morayshire it made sense to have the wedding in Perthshire so it central and easy to travel to from all the main cities.”

“There were many nice locations in Perthshire and we visited a few, but none that jumped out at us as “our” venue. After a while searching by chance came across a little known gem called Fingask Castle. Within minutes and before we got the chance to discuss it, we both knew this was the place for us. For Becky it was the enchanting magical feel the castle and marquee gave when exploring it. For Andrew, the groom, it was the price of a pint in the bar.”

“One of the main reasons we chose Fingask Castle was because it gave us enough leeway to create the wedding of our dreams, we didn’t want an average churned out wedding like so many places offer. We wanted a wedding that had both our personalities, our two different cultures represented and a wedding people would remember fondly.”

“We had three different ceremonies: The first ceremony was the official wedding and the registrar from Perth and Kinross council helped keep it relaxed and light hearted with lots of laughter. There was amazement visible on the faces of the guests when none of the best men had the wedding rings, and the rings were delivered down the aisle by a beautiful white owl named Toto.”

“The second ceremony was the Chinese Tea Ceremony; the ceremony itself dates back to the 1200s and is a way to show respect and thank the parents for all they have done. It was important for this to be part of the day for us in acknowledgement of Becky’s culture. Becky got changed from her white bridal dress into a nice Chinese wedding outfit custom made in Hong Kong. After the Tea ceremony Becky got changed into her third and final dress of the day, the one she would have her first dance in, the dress is called a qi pao, a traditional Chinese dress worn usually for special occasions or just an excuse to dress up.”

“The third and final ceremony was a Scottish ‘Hand Fasting’ ceremony, conducted by a genuine clan chief. This was conducted later in the evening as the sun started setting and temperatures started to drop. It was held outside and the bride and groom were piped into the middle of a circle formed by their guests in traditional fashion. They were then later be bound by the hands together by pieces of tartan from friends and family. The ceremony was also well received and not many people had seen it before. It was good to incorporate it into the wedding as part of Andrew’s culture.”

“There were also pyrotechnics on display when Becky came up with the idea when browsing through Pintrest, of course Andrew did not need much persuading as this tied in with his love of football. This helped add colour to the day and made for some amazing photographs!”

“Throughout the day there were even a few surprises for the bride and groom; Andrew’s sister had secretly arranged for the band Clanadonia to play in the Marquee before the first dance. The bag pipes and large drums really got the party started and helped set the atmosphere for the rest of the night.”

“As it was Easter weekend we ensured there was a sweetie cart with plenty of Easter treats available for guests, this went down very well and had to be topped up through the night!”

“We had the time of our lives and it was everything we dreamed of, we had a great time reviewing the photographs that Chris sent across when we were on our honeymoon. It brought lots of fond memories back and picked up on lots of things we missed on the day! As the day goes by in a flash it was great that so many precious moments were captured by Chris and this is something we will cherish forever.”